For the lasts couple of months we have been collaborating with over 40 artist for the VJ on Tour project. On the evening of March 26, exactly 100 days before the grand depart of Le Tour de France, we'll kick off with a spectacular live show including audiovisual performances, bmx bikers, poems, light design, interactive dance performances, and a major video projection on the facade of the new City Council of Utrecht.

Expect cycles, circles, brakes and pedals. Expect winners and losers. Expect a gear-shifting, speeding and slowing, dangerous and challenging performance, brought to you by some of the best vj's, designers, producers, musicians, poets, dancers, sound designers, light designers, programmers and cyclists.


Stichting MAU

Stichting MAU (Multidisciplinary Arts Utrecht) is an artist collective that promotes collaborations between artists from different disciplines, where making time and space for experiment is an important factor. By challenging each other from their different specialties as makers, they create a synergy and a fusion of art forms, leading to innovation. MAU develops a 20 to 25 minute audio-visual show for VJ on Tour. The music of the Utrecht producer Frenquency, the visuals of DNKRS and Daan van Hasselt and the rap and vocals by MC Atactic will be combined in a unique liveshow.


Color Bleed is a young animation studio founded by the creators of the acclaimed 3D animation Mac 'n' Cheese. The studio, located in Utrecht, is offering a wide range of animated imagery for film, television, events and many other forms of digital media. The focus is on creating original and visually stunning artwork to inspire the customer, the team and the ultimate target group.

D.A.M.N. STUdance

D.A.M.N. STUdance is a dance group consisting of fifteen enthusiastic dancers from Utrecht. D.A.M.N. (Dance And Move Now) is the demo team of STUdance, Utrecht largest student dance association. All dancers are students who have a passion for dancing alongside their regular studies. The styles in which the team is specialized, are jazz, show and modern dance. During VJ on Tour, on March 26, they give a performance at the kickoff of the Utrecht2015 program. D.A.M.N. STUdance will appear several times on stage, in six different modern choreographies. Each choreography has a theme associated with the Tour de France, such as 'Mountain up - Mountain off', 'Swarm', 'Pee Break' and 'The Second Spot'. The dancers will dance in a video landscape that is made specifically for each choreography. The show will be on the grand staircase of the Jaarbeursplein, with the new City Hall as a backdrop.

Mark Nieuwenhuis

Mark Nieuwenhuis (1981) composes and produces music, plays the trumpet and is also a freelance recording and studio technician. He graduated in 2003 at the HKU in composition and music production. His influences are hip-hop, jazz, electronic music and world music.
As a composer, he is involved in Sound City, where the sounds of a city are the starting point of music compositions. For the latest version he arranged the music for a brass band that played with synchronized soundtrack and video projections.


LiGHT-UP is all about drawing with light and making it's audience part and subject of a surreal experience. LiGHT-UP is creating artistic innovations in the field of projection mapping. LiGHT-UP creates immersive experiences for educational projects, television, theatre, festivals and all sorts of events.

Utrechts Dichtersgilde

Het Stadsdichtersgilde (City Poet Guild) is responsible for a diverse range of city poems commissioned by the City of Utrecht and committed on its own initiative for the visibility of poetry in the city. Only professional poets who have published at least two books of poetry by a recognized publisher, may become a member of the Utrecht City Poet Guild. The Guild wrote a couple very short poems to inspire the veejays and dancers. The collective consists of 13 members: Alexis de Roode (Guildmaster), Baban Kirkuki, Els van Stalborch, Fred Penninga, Ingmar Heytze, Jan van der Haar, Mark Boog, Nanne Nauta, Onno Kosters, Peter Drehmanns, Peter Knipmeijer, Ruben van Gogh en Vrouwkje Tuinman.

Julien Mier

Julien is a young composer and producer from the Netherlands, known or his eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres. His signature is this width approach of fragmented melodies, packed in a palette of, sometimes almost waterfall kind of textures and dreamy, melancholic stories. For the VJ on Tour project he makes an exclusive collaboration with the Japanese visual artists Takuma Nakata and Haruka Yamagishi as Mövius.

Mövius: Takuma Nakata & Haruka Yamagishi

Mövius, is a Japan based Visual Art Stduio by Haruka Yamagishi and Takuma Nakata. For Vj on Tour they will be collaborating with Julien Mier and visualize the upsurge coming before the main race, Tour de France, as like everyone flashing back their childhood memory and impatiently waiting for the up coming race. Takuma Nakata lives and works in Japan and graduated in 2012 temporarily in the Netherlands where he hooked up with VJ on the Dom and festivals like Freemote in Utrecht, The Robot and LPM in Italy and B-Seite in Germany. As a digital media artist he works with special installations, screenings, live performances. Haruka Yamagishi is a Kyoto based Painter, Graphic Designer, with a very unique sense of color and motif creation. As an art director of Mövius, shes been taking care of the whole atmosphere Mövius creates. Now days, shes been up to absorb creative technology, such as projection mapping, and the usage of 3D software. And by learning these skills, she has discovered a brand new dimension to express her imagination.


Zesbaans is a new media collective based in Amsterdam. Projects range from gallery expositions to nightlife installations, with an emphasis on technology and interactivity. Zesbaans, founded in 2007, consists of designers with backgrounds in digital media design, interaction design, motion graphics, VJ-ing and technology.

Animation: Max Italiaander, Mitchel Tan
Sounddesign: Joris van Grunsven (Studio Takt)

Myrthe van de Weetering

Myrthe of Weetering (1988) plays violin since the age of 5, but not in the traditional way. She has studied jazz and pop at the Utrecht Conservatory but has also completed a study composition and study music production. Myrthe has played with all kinds of great bands and dj's at the most fantastic places and festivals all over the world. Acoustic or electric with effects pedals, improvise or leaf, serious or crowd surfing; she likes all styles of music, nothing too strange for her!

DJ's Alwin and Deejay Solo

The former Metro DJ-team is teaming up again for VJ on Tour. As always versatile with a jagged edge. Henk Duursma and Alwin ran the recordstore Metro for 10 years, first of as an underground record store, later on as part of Revenge Concept Store. They played as Metro DJ team at many parties with a mix of recognizable music with fat beats for young and old.


"The beats and breaks of this young man are easily among the most impressive currently made in Holland. Amsterdam based Terugklap aka Sander Haakman sometimes deliberately dissects his in-your-face beat wizardry into stuttering conondrums of sound, only to be sewed back together skillfully when he pleases. Terugklap get's his cues from hip-hop, house, bass-music to household kitchenware and gardening tools. He has released a handful of high quality releases on for example Nijmegen's Lomechanik. His carefully composed chaos will twist your mind but keep your body moving." -Sascha Roth [WORM Rotterdam]

Yonni de Haar

Yonni de Haar is a digital creative with a focus on motion design and VJ’ing. He has a fascination for geometrical shapes and nature and loves implementing them in his work. Yonni’s roots lie in animation. This enables him to create unique and compelling animations for every film or performance. Performing live gives him a lot of inspiration and deepens his understanding of motion graphics every time. He has played in a variety of venues like Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Rijksmuseum, Welcome to the Future Festival, Ruigoord and Westerunie.

Sietse van Berkel

Sietse van Berkel is a professional BMX flatland rider from Utrecht. Spectacular tricks are done without the use of obstacles. Spinning, scuffing, jumping. Breakdance on a bike! For VJ on Tour there will be a special audiovisual show in collaboration with Born Digital.

Yori Kandiziora

Yori started Audiovisual Media Design in Eindhoven, and is currently studying Image & Media Technology at the HKU. His preference for abstract work is clearly noticeable in his productions and will also come forward in his work for VJ on Tour.

Tevfik R. Gozlukcu / NOTA BENE visual

Tevfik R. Gozlukcu is an Istanbul based new media artist who mostly works on audio/visual performances, interactive installations and motion graphics. He studied Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design. He is the co-founder of NOTA BENE Visual and currently works in there. NOTA BENE Visual is a multi-disciplinary studio based in Istanbul, specialized in digital experiences with the newest technology for global brands & artistic platforms by focussing on video projection mapping, interactive experiences and installations. In the past NOTA BENE Visual developed a special installation for the FREEMOTE festival 2011 in Utrecht, which is still being exhibited at festivals, exhibitions and various locations. Together with Born Digital they gave a video mapping performance in Mumbai (India) at TECHFEST ’12 for a large audience, Wheels of Change.

For VJ on Tour they participate with visuals inspired on Bikes, Bikeparts, Wireframes, Speed & Rhythm especially made on the techno beats of Tinlicker (Dutch Techno formation).

De Vrijstaat Kinderkunst Academie & Metropole Orkest

In collaboration with de Vrijstaat, Born Digital started a weekly workshop program for children. At these workshops, the participants learn different kinds of techniques such as stop-motion, pixel animation, digital imaging and programming. The participating kids also create their own soundtrack using the composing tool of, with special Tour the France music of the Metropole Orkest. At the end, everything comes together as one big video artwork.

Tijs Ham

Tijs Ham (aka Tapage) is a well known musician and a sound designer in the field of experimental electronic music for several years now. Sensors are attached to sound systems, complex rhythms are combined with liquid soundscapes where the sound always plays a role. Developing his own software opens the doors to innovative sounds and to play with these sounds. All this is reflected in his work for STEIM, Soundlings, Tapage, and The Void *.


Danibal is a sound artist with a specialization in the mouth harp. At this almost forgotten instrument, a kind of analogue synthesizer from the prehistoric times, he has become an authority. Danibal is hovering somewhere between sound poetry, minimal techno and alpine folklore. As a singer Danibal especially loves wordless vocals, think of yodeling, overtone singing, human beatbox etc. His music is peppered with elements from different cultures, but he knows how to translate this into contemporary rhythmic music, here and there complemented with life loops.


Lotte Zuijdwijk graduated in 2006 for the European Master of Media and Art with research for synergies in music visualization and since then she is making show visuals and animations under the name LotteZ. Nowadays, Lottez is still seeking for the best interaction between image and sound, and has collaborated with DJs, live musicians, dancers, poets, playwrights, writers and even opera singers to achieve this goal. Since 2007, she is also noticed abroad and she has been placed twice in the international VJ Top20 of the British journal DJMag and on a regular basis at various international festivals VJ. In recent years the focus of her work has shifted to content production, organization and education.

Michiel Bos

Michiel Bos a.k.a. VJ Malu-Sin is already since the previous century with backpacks full of VHS tapes and videorecorders on the road. He worked for: Blackout, Dub Infusions, Electronation, Lowlands, Solid Grooves Museumn8, Spinoza debates, Tek Tok and many others. He is still active in the Drum 'n Bass scene but now also working for talk shows.

Anne Gentenaar - VJ Illuminator

Freelance Visual Designer of Motion Graphics and VJ shows/ mapping. Part of the Born Digital team, visual effects/after effects teacher at SAE. Studied interactive media & visual effects at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. 
Passionate creator of visual music, specialized in working on interdisciplinary projects with other visual artists, musicians, dancers, designers, etc. Collaborated allot with classical musicians with the collective: Radio Kootwijk Live.

Martin Boverhof

Martin Boverhof is digital media artist and creative director in Amsterdam working in the fields of visual programming, music and performance. In 2008 Martin co-founded the Born Digital label, producing visual shows and events and exploring creative collaboration. As creative director is coordinating the VJ on Tour programme. As artist he works on commisioned projects and workshops, creating motion graphics, vj shows and installations.

Brotherhood / Diego Oliveira

Brotherhood is an Amsterdam-based dance collective by five young men: Angelo Omskerk, Gino Jagessar, Jeffrey de la Fuente, Marcelino Zandwijken and Brazilian artistic director Diego Oliveira. The collective was founded in January of 2014 and shows high energy, original concepts, and captivating eclectic choreography.

Artistic director Diego Oliveira started jazz and streetdance at the age of 10 and evolved his dancing ever since throughout different styles and places. In 2011, he made Amsterdam his new hometown and is dancing, performing and teaching at places like Yvon Tomasoa Jazz Dance School , Sportinstituut Rebel and Nowhere and is working with groups such as Xchange, Samadhi Dance Company and his own group Brotherhood Dance Collective.

Rabarber VJ's

Rabarber VJ’s is a collective consisting of filmmaker Dominic Buul and collage artist Yuri Cuisines. As a VJ duo, they are regularly performing at parties around Utrecht and Arnhem, and helped before with video-installations by Born Digital and the Van Gogh Museum. With their distinctive, weird cut-and-paste animations, they often call out for reactions from the audience. For the special occasion of VJ on Tour, they do things differently: they provide the poems of the Utrecht Poet Guild with poetic images.

Roald Stijn - Pyropix

Roald van Stijn, better known as Pyropix is a videoproducer from Utrecht specialised in timelapse videos and wonders of nature. With his amazing shots, Pyropix knows how to go viral and entertain viewers. His youtube channel has been viewed for almost 1.5 million times.

VJ Revaro

At the age of 14 VJ Revaro already started programming his own computer games to release his First 3D racing game at the age of 17. After a study with a lot of 4 dimensional math he is now back in the domain of computer graphics. VJ Revaro is creating a sense-synchronised and living world with the use of the most modern rendering techniques of the well renowned Unreal 3D Game Engine in combination with his own real-time audio analysis software.


JanIsDeMan, a graffiti/tattoo artist from Utrecht who is making unique and often colorfull paintings in children’s rooms as well as big walls in the city. At March 1st 2014, he has opened his own creative tattooshop together with Deef Feed: Blackbook Tattoos. First they where making the city more beautiful, now they’re starting on the residents of the city.